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How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free 2023

Advertise Your Business On Google

How To Advertise Your Business On Google For Free 2023 - With ad spend soaring and ROI falling, businesses are increasingly looking for free ways to market their business. Believe it or not, digital ad spending topped $375 billion last year and is not expected to increase until 2023.

Well, what if we told you that it is possible to market your business online for free, and more effectively than the average advertising campaign? Fortunately, we're here to tell you how.

Let's talk about how to advertise your business on Google for free and get the best results.

1. How to Promote Your Business on Google Ads for Free

Google tries to lure you in by offering you free advertising for the first time, usually as much as $300 just to sign up. From there you can check out Google Coupons for more information.

You will still be able to pay for search ads on Google in the future, but they will get expensive very quickly. While $1 per click sounds great on paper, if your conversion rate is below 2% (as most are), you'll need to make $50 in profit per user to break even .

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't use ads. An effective ad campaign can help you skip the lines and generate short-term income, but it comes at a price.

2. List your business on Google

Getting your business listed on Google is an easy goal that any business can take advantage of. It only takes 15 minutes to an hour and has tons of benefits!

First, you can start adding your brand to Google My Business (GMB) for free. This will first tell Google about your business, give them the information and links they need, and potentially drive traffic.

Not only that, but the more directory listings your website has, the better your SEO prospects will be. While not the same as other backlinks, they are just as important.

If you're not currently listed on Google's business platform, this should be your top priority. However, you have to do it right.

optimize your listing

Don't waste time when you're adding your listing to GMB. Similar to social media platforms, optimizing your business profile is crucial.

First, formulate your title clearly and concisely, capitalizing it where necessary. Then you want to enter the complete data for each prompt provided.

Additionally, this includes adding a picture of your business, hours of operation, address, contact information, and more. Google thanks for the full profile.

You can also think of this list as a social media platform. This is a great place to connect with potential clients, respond to feedback, answer questions, and more!

Use another suitable directory

Of course, GMB is arguably the most important directory, but it's not for every business. There are many general directories online to list your business, as well as industry-specific directories!

Also, if your business relies on local traffic, look for local business directories. Start by contacting your local chamber of commerce or ask a local partner for more information.

All of these can help improve your site's off-page ranking factors and can even drive relevant traffic to your site.

Quick Reviews

If you have mentioned features in your reviews, including unique amenities, they will be visible to applicants searching for this service.

For example, if customers write reviews on a bar's website about how much they enjoyed an open mic night, Google can serve your site to users who search for "open mic night near me".

That's why you should ask for customer reviews and answer them as much as possible!

3. Optimizing Google Maps Listings

Next, optimizing your business listings on Google Maps will help drive local traffic to search for your services. It's perfect for any business that relies on local traffic, and it's completely free!

After you have created your profile, make sure you have filled in all the references, especially:

  • business addresses
  • hours of operation
  • business verification (via Google)
  • optimized website listing
  • valid contact information

after someone searches for similar businesses in the area find yours easier!

4. Use Google Shopping

If you sell anything online, add your products to Google Shopping as soon as you add them to your website. Often, users browse the shopping tab to find the right products or best deals that can help drive traffic to your website, even if your listing isn't at the beginning.

You can now use Google Ads to do this with or without coupons, or you can list them for free through Google Shopping. Just make sure your information matches the information on your website to avoid problems!

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly the best way to market your business for free. Think about it.

What are users most likely to do in search engines? Well, look for information.

If your site is in the first three in a Google search, you are one of three listings that generate 75% of the traffic to each page. It's much easier to rank for several different keywords than for a single industry-wide term like "mechanic", "cyber security" or "SEO".

However, there are important factors involved in your SEO strategy that must be taken seriously. Let's talk about them.

Responsive Web Design

Starting a SEO strategy without a responsive and modern web design is like going through an obstacle course when you're the only one with your eyes closed.

Google has more than 200 ranking factors and almost all of them are related to the quality of your website. Most importantly, Google prefers:

  • mobile-friendly design ("Mobile-first" is even better)
  • Fast load times
  • Clean navigation
  • Correct link structure
  • Correct keyword usage
  • Quality content

The list goes on. An auto-responsive design makes users more likely to engage with your page, stay longer and convert. All of this will help your SEO strategy and more.

Without an optimized website, you are building a house on a broken foundation, and not just for your SEO strategy. Your website affects your entire digital marketing strategy, your brand identity and your online presence.

(Quality) Content Marketing

If your business is listed on GMB and other relevant directories and you have a basic website with 5 generic pages, how do you expect someone to find your website? The only chance is if users are searching for the exact name of your site, right?

Well, with a content marketing strategy (blog, video content, etc.), you can have as many ways to rank for different keywords as you want.

Remember that users are looking for information much more than brands.

Therefore, providing valuable information allows them to start their journey with your brand with initial trust (much more than advertisements), and you can then encourage them to continue their journey to their intended destination.

With the right research, you can of course implement a content marketing strategy. However, professional content marketing services take your strategy to a new level.

Also consider the benefits of content marketing. When you post a search engine, you owe money every time someone clicks on it. But if you blog for free, you won't owe a cent even if you get millions of interactions.

Link Building

One of the biggest challenges in SEO is off-page placement. Among Google's ranking factors, they also rely on other websites to determine your authority on a particular topic or keyword.

When another site links to your site, it is called a backlink. Backlinks are necessary to help Google understand your credibility, and are partially under your control.

While you can't hold a gun to other business owners' heads and demand links, with the right link building services you can significantly improve your off-page rankings.

In addition, you can always contact affiliates and ask for links or negotiate with them. However, if Google catches you using shopping links, they can penalize you and the seller.

Remember that directories are an important part of off-page SEO, but they don't build authority like backlinks.

Watch your traffic grow

Now that you know how to advertise your business online for free, there is no time to start your current business. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will reap the benefits of quality, organic and free traffic!

Plus, by hiring the right SEO services, you can take the guesswork out of it and see results as quickly as possible.

Stay up to date with our latest digital marketing tips and feel free to get in touch if you need help with your strategy!

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